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They're Growing!

I can't believe how my babies are growing so fast! They have their own personalities and I love it. My second son likes to copy his older brother while the third also wants to be like his two older brothers. 

He loves to be silly a lot! Sometimes I ask him for a clean diaper he would come back with a dirty diaper just to be funny! He is growing way too fast, getting so heavy that it's hard to carry him. There are times when he wants to be carried still. He's sweet and enjoys keeping things even though they're junk. I like that he and his brothers love comics and superheroes!

My little chunk is no longer chunky! He loves bubblegum and other sweets. I scared him one time about cavities and now he's very concerned about getting one. He's very sweet and always say I'm pretty! Love that about him! This boy is an eating machine also! Always begging for food after feeding him.

Yep, it's hard to take photos of them now!

My little mimi (that's what he calls himself)! He's also very sweet and always tagging along with me wherever I go. He loves building legos and singing. Love his little personality. He always has a big smile. 


I failed again! How in the world can I keep up with my blog? I'm so ready to give this up but I am still holding on to it. Blogging is so hard when I really don't have anything to talk about. Also, having four small kids to take care and daily tasks around the house is hard.
If I really want to have time for myself, it would be after kids go to sleep or during the afternoon when they nap. It's hard not to nap with them because they have a hard time sleeping without me.

Some "Me" Time

I went out with my good friend Jessica last night. She sent me a message while I was having dinner with my family wanting to just get out for a walk or go around shopping. I chose shopping, of course! Haha! She just needed some time for herself and I have been wanting to go out too. 
We went to Ross and got some stuff that we liked. I wish I could buy more but I didn't have a lot of money with me. It's always nice to shop if you have the money :D.

It was nice that my husband let me go out with my friend. That's what I like about him. Even if I ask him at the last minute that I want to go out, he'll let me as long as he's not pressed for time with his class. Poor guy, he was exhausted after taking care of the kids and cleaning the house. I gave him a full body massage after. He deserved it!


Two Youngest Ones

I didn't get to introduce these two boys in my blog. These two completed our family! Sammy and Liam are our last babies so I cherish every moment with them. Can't wait to know their personalities more.


Blogging Again?

I haven't been blogging for long time...a very long time. Here I am trying to get back into blogging again. Good luck to me!

It's been busy with four small children but I am so blessed to have my boys! Yes, I have four beautiful boys. People always ask, "No girl?" or "Did you want a girl?" but honestly, I am happy with my boys. I'm not going to be one of those moms who complain about being asked the same questions over and over. It does get tiring but people don't know that. I also get comments like, "You got your hands full!"

I do get overwhelmed a lot but at the end of the day, I can't imagine life without my boys!


Went to Sahalie Falls with my family! The boys hasn't seen it and Steven and I love this place. They really had a great time pretending like they're on an adventure. 

Just Writing

Failed again in blogging. I haven't been very active in blogging because of my kids. By the time I'm done taking care of them, I'm tired. Also, I'm four months pregnant with out 4th son. I have been pregnant almost every year. It's funny because I only wanted one or two kids but God blessed me with four and all boys.

I love them all! They are my life now. I can't imagine living the rest of my life without them. It is very exhausting to take care of them because I need to be consistent in my disciplining them and have to almost always follow a daily routine with taking care of them. I understand why some parents just give up with parenting but I know in the end it will pay off.

When I see my kids being respectful and thankful, I feel so fulfilled. Sometimes they disobey and are grumpy but a lot of times they are so joyful. I love it! I love seeing them laugh and play nice with each other. My two oldest sons love their younger brother. There are times they can be rough with him but a lot of times they are gentle.

I'm writing all over the place but I'm nursing my youngest son and am hungry right now. Need to eat dinner!

My boys has grown. this was taken 4th of July this year! I love them so much!

Twitter Party Experience

It's been more than a month since I joined twitter parties. I still remember my first win. It was a beauty product. A really tiny one but I felt so good when I won that. 

I've been in twitter parties last year but I never understood how it was done. So I quit and was only doing blog giveaways. Lately, blog giveaways are more tiring. Winning takes a long time and I rarely win. So many people join and too many people to follow. It gets really tiring.

Then I started joining twitter parties and am winning more and more. My wins include gift cards, beauty products, baby stuff, and some toiletries. I did win a Kobo reader also. 
So now, I enjoy twitter parties more than blog giveaways. It gets very tiring and discouraging sometimes with twitter parties especially when I'm doing four parties at the same time and doesn't win anything. It goes for an hour. 

I made some good friends and they're also from Oregon. So cool to have friends because you can vent at them and they can relate.