My boys has grown. this was taken 4th of July this year! I love them so much!

Twitter Party Experience

It's been more than a month since I joined twitter parties. I still remember my first win. It was a beauty product. A really tiny one but I felt so good when I won that. 

I've been in twitter parties last year but I never understood how it was done. So I quit and was only doing blog giveaways. Lately, blog giveaways are more tiring. Winning takes a long time and I rarely win. So many people join and too many people to follow. It gets really tiring.

Then I started joining twitter parties and am winning more and more. My wins include gift cards, beauty products, baby stuff, and some toiletries. I did win a Kobo reader also. 
So now, I enjoy twitter parties more than blog giveaways. It gets very tiring and discouraging sometimes with twitter parties especially when I'm doing four parties at the same time and doesn't win anything. It goes for an hour. 

I made some good friends and they're also from Oregon. So cool to have friends because you can vent at them and they can relate. 



Photography is one of the hobbies I want to develop. There are so many awesome photographers out there like the north carolina photographers who could just take photos and capture the moment of what you're celebrating!

 It would be nice to develop such skill and just share it to people. I would love to learn and keep practicing on taking photos and editing them.
Sometimes I think it's all about the camera but I heard it's about the person taking the photograph. We'll see. I have a lot to learn still.

Twitter Party

Lately, I've been joining twitter parties. What's a twitter party? So many of my friends ask me this question and I always find it hard to explain especially to those who don't use twitter.

A twitter party is when a certain person or company, otherwise known as hosts will run a twitter chat at a certain time of the day. They use a certain hashtag (#) so everyone who wants to join can tweet using that hashtag and the hosts running the twitter party can see what others have tweeted. It's like a chatroom.
The host will ask certain questions depending on the topic of the party for example since Father's Day is coming, the host will ask about your dad or what you'll be doing that day. Then you'll just answer their question with the hashtag. It's very easy but it takes a little bit of getting used to especially when using tweetdeck. There are other twitter party platform you can use like twubs. Just search more about them online.

About the prizes! This is what attracts people to join a twitter party. It's all about the prize. Depending on which twitter party you're joining, prizes that are given depend on the company hosting it. Sometimes they give out gift cards or sometime the products they want to advertise to people. My most favorite are gift cards just because I can use them easily but I also enjoy getting products from companies. I think I'm going to start posting the gifts I won from the twitter parties I joined.

If you are planning to join, you will become familiar with many of the people who join twitter parties. I've made some friends through it. That's one of the things I love about it. 
The hard about it is when you really want to win something and you don't, sometimes it's disappointing but never lose hope! Tomorrow's another day! :)

I told my husband that one of my wish list is to own the blx288. It's very expensive but the boys could use it too. Someday I want them to love singing and playing instruments. I just want them to be more involve in stuff that will benefit them and not destroy their lives like drugs or bad company.

I'm watching Grey's Anatomy again! I enjoy the show a lot but I just don't like some stuff about it. I'm also sad that Downton Abbey's done again. Sigh! Why can't they just make it a bit longer?! I hate that Michael is dead too but still love the show no matter what!

When my brother was in high school, his friend taught him how to play the bass guitar. It would be nice if he got the fender custom shop bass at Guitar Center. He would have been an awesome guitar player if he focus on it. He got distracted when he entered college and was more focus on other things. He still loves playing the guitar.

This is so nice of my husband to buy me these roses all the way from South America. I love them but I didn't know he paid more for keeping them in long stems and I cut them. I don't have a vase that's big enough. I love his thoughtfulness! 

My brother asked me to buy dulcimer strings from musicians friend. His friend needed some and doesn't know where to find it. She's a pretty good musician. She just learn so quickly and composes her own songs. Hope someday she'll make it big. It's awesome when you see your friends become successful.

The boys love to lie on the ground by our back porch. Love it!