A Good Hair Day

One of the hardest things for me as a mom is not being able to take care of myself so much anymore. I use to be able to do my own facial, care for my hair, mani and pedi, hang out with friends, go different places, and so on. Now, I am just so lazy! I would still try to look nice but I am just too lazy especially in losing some of the weight I gained. 
Anyway, haircuts are expensive in America. I spend $40-$50 just for a haircut. To others that's probably nothing but to me, that is a lot of money. I do try to find deals but a lot of times they are far from where I live. This is why it takes me almost a year to go get a haircut. So I go to my regular salon place. Booked it last night and was able to schedule for today.
My hairstylist is a nice lady. I told her it's that time again where I need to feel human again. My hair needs some caring.
I know she was pregnant last time so I asked how her baby is doing. We couldn't stop talking about kids the whole time. It's funny how parents can relate to each other when it comes to kids. It's true that kids drive us crazy during the day but at night when they're sleeping, they're just so precious!
Felt good after my haircut! It made me feel like I was modeling a hair product! I can feel the wind blowing my hair nicely haha! I wish I can afford this all the time. LOL


Ate Too Much

One of my struggles lately has been trying to be healthy and lose some weight. Today was not a good day. I ate zucchini bread that my neighbor gave. That was really nice of her but not too nice since I ate a lot of the bread. I blame her for that temptation, haha!
Then in the evening it was so hot to go out and get food so I can cook a healthier dinner. So I told my husband I am too tired to go buy food.

It's tiring to get four boys ready when it comes to going out. My older boys can get themselves ready but it will take a while since they get distracted a lot. Then my two younger boys needed more help. Sam, my 2 year old was asleep. I don't want to wake him up. Once he gets grumpy it takes a long time for him to feel better. So yeah, I want to go and buy food but bringing my boys with me is already exhausting. I have to buckle them, well except for the other two. Then my two oldest get crazy at the store sometimes. They would wrestle or fight, beg for food. I'm glad they never throw tantrums and scream on top of their lungs. My boys are pretty good most of the time. There are a few times where I think it must be full moon because they just act up!

Anyway, going back to food. So my husband went and bought pizza. he bought Carl's Jr burger for me. I love Carl's Jr burger! This is why I am overweight. It's just comforting to eat junk food when I'm tired. I was going to exercise but now I am sitting here writing this. My great excuse! LOL


Visiting Wildlife Safari

After not having a vehicle for almost three months, we finally were able to go visit wildlife safari this year. We always make it a habit to visit zoo or wildlife safari every year. As the boys get older, I feel like they enjoy seeing the animals more and more. 

The kids were able to get up this time since we are just driving really slow. They got to feed some animals for a bit because my third son accidentally knock the cup with animal food out of the vehicle.  Oh well! haha! 

I do enjoy seeing the animals we rarely see. It's just nice to experience feeding them. It makes me thank God for his beautiful creations. 

Wildlife Safari is located at Winston, OR. To know more about it, just click here.


Updating My Blog

My life has just been all about my family. I can barely update this blog even though I promise myself I would. I can barely even take care of myself let alone other things that is just not that important to me.
I am glad I checked my blog today while three of my boys are sleeping. My youngest is eating his late lunch since he naps at noon. Now he is banging his spoon and cup begging me to get him. He's likes to say done. I love hearing it that's why I am taking this time to write first so I can hear hims say done.
Anyway, so many spam comments recently. I thought I have legit comments but seriously, I can't believe spammers just enjoyed posting on my blog. It's really annoying especially having to delete them one by one and not sure anymore how to block. I need to learn again how to run this blog properly. I may still turn my back on this blog for a bit but I am trying. 

Great Gifts For Special Occasion

I love shopping gifts for my husband and friends. My husband is not a picky person butI still find it hard to buy him a gift that he will really like. He always tell me that he doesn't need any gift but I want to give him one because he deserves it. Finding the right store to buy the gifts is very tricky because my husband can easily find out what I bought online and also finding the perfect gift for him. I did finally find the perfect online store.

Uncommon Goods is a great company to buy gifts from for your friends and family. I love companies that give to others. They have a program called "Better To Give Program" which allows customers to select a non-profit organization they can give $1 to. 

Uncommon Goods company is also a proud member of B Corporation, it's an organization created to help customers understand the social and environmental impact of the products they bought. They are a company who helps protect environment by using handmade, recycled, and organic products. Think about how many small businesses profit from them also. This store sells products that doesn't harm any human or animals. Those are also some of the reasons why I love this company.

My anniversary is coming and I am very excited to buy my husband an anniversary gift. I found some unique gifts if you click here for both men and women. Some of my favorites are: 

I also like personalized gifts. I think they are more special. There's just something about a gift that helps remind you of some memories or just having your name on a gift. You can check some of the gifts here. Some of my favorites are: 

Summer is coming and there will be more weddings happening. Uncommon Goods also has great gift ideas for your groomsmen. You can check it out groomsmen gifts here.
I enjoyed shopping at the Uncommon Goods store. I love so many of their products! I am pretty sure you will too. Go and visit them!


Free Disney Parks Planning Video

Get this free Disney Parks Vacation Planning Video for free! Just click here! I don't think this will last long!

They're Growing!

I can't believe how my babies are growing so fast! They have their own personalities and I love it. My second son likes to copy his older brother while the third also wants to be like his two older brothers. 

He loves to be silly a lot! Sometimes I ask him for a clean diaper he would come back with a dirty diaper just to be funny! He is growing way too fast, getting so heavy that it's hard to carry him. There are times when he wants to be carried still. He's sweet and enjoys keeping things even though they're junk. I like that he and his brothers love comics and superheroes!

My little chunk is no longer chunky! He loves bubblegum and other sweets. I scared him one time about cavities and now he's very concerned about getting one. He's very sweet and always say I'm pretty! Love that about him! This boy is an eating machine also! Always begging for food after feeding him.

Yep, it's hard to take photos of them now!

My little mimi (that's what he calls himself)! He's also very sweet and always tagging along with me wherever I go. He loves building legos and singing. Love his little personality. He always has a big smile. 


I failed again! How in the world can I keep up with my blog? I'm so ready to give this up but I am still holding on to it. Blogging is so hard when I really don't have anything to talk about. Also, having four small kids to take care and daily tasks around the house is hard.
If I really want to have time for myself, it would be after kids go to sleep or during the afternoon when they nap. It's hard not to nap with them because they have a hard time sleeping without me.

Some "Me" Time

I went out with my good friend Jessica last night. She sent me a message while I was having dinner with my family wanting to just get out for a walk or go around shopping. I chose shopping, of course! Haha! She just needed some time for herself and I have been wanting to go out too. 
We went to Ross and got some stuff that we liked. I wish I could buy more but I didn't have a lot of money with me. It's always nice to shop if you have the money :D.

It was nice that my husband let me go out with my friend. That's what I like about him. Even if I ask him at the last minute that I want to go out, he'll let me as long as he's not pressed for time with his class. Poor guy, he was exhausted after taking care of the kids and cleaning the house. I gave him a full body massage after. He deserved it!


Two Youngest Ones

I didn't get to introduce these two boys in my blog. These two completed our family! Sammy and Liam are our last babies so I cherish every moment with them. Can't wait to know their personalities more.