Lightning or Thunder Tooth

Ever wonder if there is such a thing called a lightning or thunder tooth? The place where I live right now is near the runway of the airport. We can see when airplanes land and take-off. I'm not sure if that's the reason why people are struck by lightning here or not. We are 601 ft above sea level. I was thinking about these stories and got curious whether the lightning tooth is a reality. Went to search for answers online. I found out that it's a common belief, not only in the Philippines, in many countries as well. It has different names like thunderstone or lightning stone and many others. I'm not sure if there is such a thing in the US. There are people who go out to the place where lightning struck to look for the "tooth." For this writer in Herald Tribune, he described it as a "cuspid-shaped chunk of basalt". According to him, it is used by locals in Siquijor Island in the Philippines as an amulet. I believe it is true because in one of the places I went to before, once lightning would strike on a coconut tree, some men would climb on the tree and look for that stone or the lightning tooth because they use them as amulets. I checked Wikipedia and found the picture below of a basalt. Myth or not, I don't want to get struck by lightning or look for that lightning tooth. Although they are beautiful to witness, lightning and thunder just freaks me out!


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Farah Deen said...

oh gosh, Aisha...if only Syabil lived there, he wouldn't want to go out again! He loves aeroplanes too much and he can stand and look at planes all day. A lot of times, we have to take him to the airport area to see flights landing/ taking off.

Steven and Aisha said...

Oh I'm sure Syabil would enjoy this place, Farah. It gets noisy but it's fun for kids. :D

ambik said...

hi aisha i think i have seen the thunder tooth. its totally diff from basalt. its very hard even chisel can not cut. i wish i cud you the picture.

Anonymous said...

Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!

Anonymous said...

Well, My grand father once had this lightning tooth. There was actually mysterious about it because when my grandfather had it, He experienced a lot of magical events as a farmer.For example, when a swarm of Locusts attacked the entire rice fields of the neighborhood, those owned by him were left untouched.His ricefields were spared from the infestation.

Yoe Yamada said...

I have one and I'm selling it. Let me know if you're interested.

a ji o ji suno ji said...

I just captured my son freaking out crying because he wanted me to put my camera down. I was attempting to capture him just playing. It was hilarious, sad and VERY real! I also did a nap session with my son a few months ago and it was so lovely. I look back now and am so thankful I did that.
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