Tailgaiting at Home

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

I am a huge sports fan. I love baseball, soccer and basketball. But my all time favorite pastime is American football. I love watching college football and the pro football. I love seeing two teams go at it on the gridiron. I try to make it to every game of my alma mater, you just can't beat the whole tailgating experience. However, sometimes I am not able to make it to the games I want to watch so I enjoy them on my TV. We signed up for satalite TV last year at http://www.cannonsatellite.com/. It is nice to be able to just grill out, have a few drinks and sit on the couch and watch my team battle it out for 60 minutes. There is no waiting in line to go to the bathroom and having to eat cheap stadium food. I don't have to spend money on tickets or the gas that it would take me to get there. The best advantage of watching these games at home is that I don't have t fight the traffic after the game is over, after all who likes sitting in traffic for hours, not me.

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