Office Building

Thanks to Darwin Barton

My husband recently moved into a new office building. He had been in the same building for almost ten years, so moving to a new one was a little overwhelming. He said that the first the he needed to do was set up small business internet and phone. Once he had that set up, he would be able to settle in to his office and start working again. He planned to move his furniture over the weekend. Most of his furniture was handed down from his dad, and was in pretty poor condition. I convinced him that he needed to buy new furniture. His new office is much bigger so he needed a few more pieces anyway. He agreed to let me go shopping with him. I helped him pick out a new desk, chair, cabinets, shelves, and a little table and chairs for any guests to sit in. He even let me do all of the decorating in his office. His office really needed to be updated and I am so glad that he let me do most of the decorating.