Baby Face

When I first got pregnant, it was such an emotional time for me. I had mixed emotions and sometimes I would be sad and other times I would be happy. My work also made it hard for me to accept I'm pregnant because it involves lifting heavy things and it scared me to lose my baby. There were so many uncertainties about my baby having complications also and all the other things new parents don't want to hear.

When I finally had my 3D ultrasound, it was the answer to all my questions or uncertainties whether the baby is healthy or not. It is the ultrasound technicians like the Austin ultrasound people
who helped calm my nerves by letting me know that my baby was healthy. I am thankful for them. It is also nice to have friendly staff around helping you feel comfortable. A family-friendly atmosphere also help calm the nerves of new parents. Friends and relatives also love to come along so it's nice for them to have a place to be able to sit and relax while waiting. It is such a precious time that you do not want anyone to miss it. Also, celebrating this moment with friends and family is fun!

Seeing a picture of my baby's face in 3D was one of the happiest days of my life. My husband and I would always go out and celebrate every time we go for check-ups and get ultrasound images for us to keep. So every time it's time for my pregnancy check-up, I always get excited!
I put all of my son's 3D images in an album so he can look at it later when he grows up. I also saved it in my computer so I can email it to my family abroad. What a beautiful memory! I'm very thankful to have ultrasound people helping us remember that moment.

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