Body Art

My friend, Melissa had a butterfly tattoo on her upper back. She got it when we were in college because it reminded her about the time she met her husband. They met at a butterfly farm. That is why she chose the butterfly tattoo to be a reminder for both of them.
Now that she is older she felt like she needs to have it removed. Her husband said that he is fine with her having the tattoo but my friend thought it is time to move on. She had a hard time looking for places that removes tattoo. All she wanted now is to be able to wear something formal without her tattoo showing. She also does not want her kids to do the same thing which is funny!

There are places where you can get your tattoo remove. Here
is one of those places. Laser is use to remove the tattoo. It's an easier process compared to sand paper or by cutting the skin. It is a great technology and a much easier way of removing the skin tattoo. Many people get tired of their tattoos as time passes and others just got it because they were force or drunk. It is good to be able to have an option to remove something you do not want to be in your body anymore. I am the type of person who is afraid of needles that is why I cannot have a tattoo. I'm not brave enough for this because I have such low pain tolerance.

It is pretty amazing how other countries view tattooing their bodies as an art. It amazes me how much they can take the pain in getting their tattoos. It is art but at the same time when you change your mind and want to remove it, there is always an option. 

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