Bringing Families Together

I wish airfares are cheaper so I can go visit my family in the Philippines before my sister leaves. Airfare matter so much when people travel from long distances especially those traveling with kids. When children reach two years old and older, you will have to buy their airfare in full price. I should have traveled when my oldest son was still a year older.

My sister and her family are leaving for the middle east. Her husband is now working there and my sister and two wonderful nieces will be joining him in about six months. We are hoping sooner than that. My sister's husband said that he is looking at air ticket because I know he is looking for airfares that are affordable. He can't wait to bring them to where he is because he really misses them terribly.

The kids really miss their dad also and it would be nice for their father to be able to save enough money faster for the airfares so they can join him. They cried a lot when he left them. Their father felt so bad that he also cried so hard. It was so heartbreaking when my sister shared this with me. So it would be nice to help them find the best airfare.. affordable and yet in a wonderful airline.
For now, all I could do for my nieces is to talk to them and just try to be there for them. I will also try to keep browsing for affordable airline tickets to help their father have an idea and save enough.

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