Staying Healthy

Since having been pregnant for three consecutive times, I have gained so much weight that I feel like I might have a hard time losing most of the weight I have gained. Since my first pregnancy up to my third pregnancy, I've gained about 40 lbs. I know it looks small but it is a lot. My husband also gained a lot of weight. He must've gained more than a hundred pounds. I feel bad because I feel responsible also with the junk food I eat, he eats them also.

We are planning on taking for energy supplements and buying a treadmill to help us lose weight.We need to make a drastic change on our diets too, make sure we are eating healthy food and not junk food. Our kids look up to us and we want to be able to be there for them for a long time. We want to stay healthy and active so they can play with us.

Sometimes I get so scared because I know that I am prone to have gestational diabetes still but I can't help not to eat sweet treats. I really have to have self control and I need to be a good influence for my husband when it comes to eating healthy food. We can't wait to get our own house and buy an exercise machine also. I am also open to trying those fat burning energy supplement and drinks.  Once I'm done being pregnant, my husband and I will start our goal of how much we'll need to lose every month and plan our meals accordingly.