Another Gift from God

It's been three weeks since I gave birth to my third son, Samuel Jude. I wanted him to come out before my c-section schedule because I really was hoping to be able to rest. Samuel really enjoyed staying in my tummy. 

September 10th at around ten in the morning I checked in the hospital after we dropped off our two sons at my sister-in-law's house. I was sad to leave them and also knowing I won't be able to take care of them for three days. I didn't want to be in a wheelchair when they took me into my recovery room. I was beginning to get nervous with the injection at the back that I will be getting. The nurse who checked me in was super good and nice. It really matters a lot which nurse you'll get. Then the other nurse kept on messing up with my blood sample so they had to poke me twice just to get another blood sample. That wasn't fun!

After waiting a couple of hours, my doctor finally arrived and the anesthesiologist. My doctor is so awesome, I really like her. the anesthesiologist was a very serious man and he did a great job with my back. It was painful but it wasn't bad. I felt scared that he didn't give me enough to numb my legs but he did, of course. So they started operating at me. I started to feel tired because of all the medicine in my body probably. I couldn't wait to see my son! When I heard his cry, I couldn't help feeling emotional. When the doctor showed him to me, I cried a bit. What a joy it is to see him! I love all my boys. They are so precious. He was 8 lbs 1 oz. The smallest among the three. He has the loudest cry though. Then they had to take him away from me to get cleaned but they put him to my chest after for a few minutes. Then my husband brought him to the recovery room.

When they were closing my wound, I threw up. That wasn't fun! It was yucky since they had given me a yucky drink before my surgery. Then my doctor said goodbye and they wheeled me back to the recovery room. We waited a couple hours to see how I'm doing. Then off to a hospital room for my whole stay there. Overall, my stay was awesome. I had great nurses taking care of me except for the daytime nurses. They weren't as nice and helpful.

The nice thing about having Samuel is his brothers adore him. They still do up to now. I love them all!!


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