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I finally made this great change I never thought I would do. One of my New Year's resolution is to start blogging again. This blog has been on for several years already but I just neglected it after having kids. Usually, I would just write if I'm asked to write for other people so I can earn some extra cash.

Anyway, after several days of searching for the right template to buy for my blog, I chose this one for now. I bought it for $20 and started customizing it. I like looking at other people's blogs when I join their giveaways that it's so easy to follow their social media. You just click on their social media button and it's done. I'm so glad this template came with it. 

Now, I am not sure about the niche of my blog. I wish I have one but I really don't know. This blog has all kinds of article written on it, from family to business ads. I think I will keep writing about the recipes I tried and thought were really good. Hey, it's a start! Hope I keep writing on this blog.

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