I always wonder if being a stay-at-home mom is less harder than those moms who go to work full-time. I mean, I focus on my kids all day, clean the house, teach my kids something educational, and then plan or cook dinner.

If I work all day I don't even know if I'll still be able to cook dinner and take care of my kids. I have a lot of respect for moms who do work full-time jobs. It must be very hard being away from their kids and also be a mom and a wife.

I can't imagine being a single parent also. My sister whose husband works in a different country told me it's very hard not to have her husband around especially their kids. Both of her daughters are having a hard time not having a dad.


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Aimee Fauci said...

IMO- being a sahm is just as hard as a working mom. Reason being, you SAHM's never get a break and when the kid's go to bed the sahm's are too tired to stay awake. Working moms have to work and then come home and work more. Both are equally hard.