New Vehicle

My husband and I bought a second-hand van since our old car got into an accident. It damaged the car so bad that we had to get rid of it. I was so sad getting rid of the car because it was our car for a long time. But the snow came for one week and Steven was driving the car in the snow. He was doing a very good job driving in the snow but it just happened. The car wouldn't break or turn in a different direction. He slammed into someone else's car. Insurance company gave us some money to replace the car, that was a blessing from God. Anyway, with the new van I am so excited to go on road trips. We are planning to go to many places like Seattle and Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon. We've never been to these places so it will be very exciting especially for the boys. They love all kinds of animals, I mean who doesn't especially when you're a kid. I'm thankful to God for blessing us with a van. That way it's easy to go to places.

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