Secret Sister

The ladies at church are doing a secret sister. It's a ministry for the ladies where you pick someone's name and become that person's secret sister. You can pray, give gifts to the person, or do nice stuff for her without telling her who you are for the whole year. I love the idea a lot because I enjoy giving gifts and praying for the other person.
However, my last year's secret sister is one of my favorite girls at the church and I did a lousy job being her secret sister. I just got so busy having my third child. Anyway, I told her I am her secret sister and I want to be her secret sister all the time. I would love to shower her with gifts like beautiful Kendra Scott earrings and chocolates since she also loves chocolates. She has been so nice to me. She would offer to watch my kids and that helps me and my husband have some time together. I love it! So I want to be able to give back as much as I can.

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