Not Easy

It's hard when my husband works full-time in his job and at the same time a full-time student. Most of the time I get to take care of the kids by myself. It's not easy being the only one taking care of the children, cooking, cleaning, and all the other household chores including buying groceries.

Just now, my oldest son finally fell asleep. It took him two hrs after bed time to sleep because he kept playing, getting up to talk to me, and asking me to fix his bed. He is adorable and I love my sons dearly but then I get into the "I-want-to-relax" mode. So I had to tell him that he needs to go to bed and close his eyes. He enjoys talking a lot!

I enjoy blogging and joining giveaways online. Those are a couple of ways to help me relax. Ohhh.. I just remembered that I need to make my own laundry soap but my four month old baby is having a hard time sleeping right now so it makes it hard for me to start making my soap.

I love my family! I chose this life so I'm not going to complain about how hard it is. Raising a family is hard but it is worth it.  

5 Other's Have to Say:

Twingle Mommy said...

I started blogging as a way to relax and "talk" to other adults. I feel you, this parenting thing isn't easy!

Epic said...

You're not alone hon. I feel the same way too when my hubby has to go on business trips. Exhausted and needing support. Hang in there hon. Online bloggy friends support is helpful, because we don't ever have to bundle up the kids and take them outside to vent with our bloggy friends lol. It was great checking out your site.

Terra Heck said...

Sounds like you've got your hands full. But you're right, raising a family is worth it.

Lindsay Smith said...

Worth every second.... but every second doesn't always feel worth it! I feel you, girl... you're not alone!

24/7 Modern Mom™ said...

I know the feeling, too! Get those moments for yourself so you can handle the ones you dong get to have! I also loved the laundry soap post! #SITS