Twitter Party Experience

It's been more than a month since I joined twitter parties. I still remember my first win. It was a beauty product. A really tiny one but I felt so good when I won that. 

I've been in twitter parties last year but I never understood how it was done. So I quit and was only doing blog giveaways. Lately, blog giveaways are more tiring. Winning takes a long time and I rarely win. So many people join and too many people to follow. It gets really tiring.

Then I started joining twitter parties and am winning more and more. My wins include gift cards, beauty products, baby stuff, and some toiletries. I did win a Kobo reader also. 
So now, I enjoy twitter parties more than blog giveaways. It gets very tiring and discouraging sometimes with twitter parties especially when I'm doing four parties at the same time and doesn't win anything. It goes for an hour. 

I made some good friends and they're also from Oregon. So cool to have friends because you can vent at them and they can relate. 


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