Just Writing

Failed again in blogging. I haven't been very active in blogging because of my kids. By the time I'm done taking care of them, I'm tired. Also, I'm four months pregnant with out 4th son. I have been pregnant almost every year. It's funny because I only wanted one or two kids but God blessed me with four and all boys.

I love them all! They are my life now. I can't imagine living the rest of my life without them. It is very exhausting to take care of them because I need to be consistent in my disciplining them and have to almost always follow a daily routine with taking care of them. I understand why some parents just give up with parenting but I know in the end it will pay off.

When I see my kids being respectful and thankful, I feel so fulfilled. Sometimes they disobey and are grumpy but a lot of times they are so joyful. I love it! I love seeing them laugh and play nice with each other. My two oldest sons love their younger brother. There are times they can be rough with him but a lot of times they are gentle.

I'm writing all over the place but I'm nursing my youngest son and am hungry right now. Need to eat dinner!